MoCo Life 910 Launches a New Fitness Campaign

In keeping up with our mission to empower the community by preparing individuals to live healthy and productive lives; mentally, physically, and emotionally; we have officially launched our health and wellness campaign, MoCo Life 910 Fitness.  Montgomery County currently has higher rates than the state averages for diabetes prevalence, hypertension, diseases of the lung, and obesity; we’re here to change that.  In order to have a productive community, the community must be healthy.

The purpose of #MoCoLife910Fitness is to offer support for healthy lifestyle changes and fitness goals.  We are here to encourage and support one another on our journeys to health and wellness.  We are using this as a platform to show the importance and benefits of living healthy, active lifestyles.  Members of the group are invited to share their weight loss goals and stories, share tips, and workout routines.  Members also share photos of themselves pre/during/post workout.  This group is an exciting way to get supportive tips from those dealing with similar struggles as you when you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your fitness goals.  There will be some exciting, innovative ideas and activities coming from this campaign to help jump start fitness journeys, change bad habits, or add some spark to your current routine.

The response has already been amazing and we don’t want anyone to be left out!

Join us on our journey.

MoCoLife910 Fitness Facebook Page