Let’s Team up to Cleanup

Let’s Team up to Cleanup

On Saturday, September 30, 2017, MoCo Life 910 will be participating in the NC Department of Transportation’s Fall LITTER SWEEP.  MoCo Life 910’s stretch of highway is Sedberry Rd. in Biscoe, NC beginning at the Auto Zone.

The Adopt-A-Highway Program (AAH) was established in 1988 by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) in response to growing public concern regarding litter along the state’s highways. The AAH Program is administered by the NCDOT Office of Beautification, and is a joint effort between community volunteers and the NCDOT.  Its purpose is to decrease the amount of litter on North Carolina’s roadsides and improve the beauty and quality of the environment.

MoCo Life 910 made a commitment to become active participants in the Adopt-A-Highway program because, as a part of our mission to empower the community, we feel that we have to “take care of home”.  As an Adopt-A-Highway participant, it is our duty to keep our neighborhoods and communities clean, and we need everyone to get involved.  Take the next step in joining us to make sure we are indeed taking care of home.

Not only will we play our part in cleaning and empowering the community, we will also get a great workout in as well (kill two birds with one stone).  Those who choose to join us for this event will receive certificates of participation from the Department of Transportation for their role in this important activity!  Join Us!  The community needs you!

MoCo Life 910 Launches a New Fitness Campaign

MoCo Life 910 Launches a New Fitness Campaign

MoCo Life 910 Launches a New Fitness Campaign

In keeping up with our mission to empower the community by preparing individuals to live healthy and productive lives; mentally, physically, and emotionally; we have officially launched our health and wellness campaign, MoCo Life 910 Fitness.  Montgomery County currently has higher rates than the state averages for diabetes prevalence, hypertension, diseases of the lung, and obesity; we’re here to change that.  In order to have a productive community, the community must be healthy.

The purpose of #MoCoLife910Fitness is to offer support for healthy lifestyle changes and fitness goals.  We are here to encourage and support one another on our journeys to health and wellness.  We are using this as a platform to show the importance and benefits of living healthy, active lifestyles.  Members of the group are invited to share their weight loss goals and stories, share tips, and workout routines.  Members also share photos of themselves pre/during/post workout.  This group is an exciting way to get supportive tips from those dealing with similar struggles as you when you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your fitness goals.  There will be some exciting, innovative ideas and activities coming from this campaign to help jump start fitness journeys, change bad habits, or add some spark to your current routine.

The response has already been amazing and we don’t want anyone to be left out!

Join us on our journey.

MoCoLife910 Fitness Facebook Page

MoCoLife 910 Hosts Its 2nd Annual Community Unity Day

MoCoLife 910 Hosts Its 2nd Annual Community Unity Day

On Saturday, August 12, we hosted our 2nd Annual Community Unity Day.  The event took place at Deaton-Monroe Park in Biscoe, NC.  We knew when we were planning this event that we wanted it to be bigger and better than last year.  On the day of the event, we were all on edge because it was so gloomy outside.  Every town and city surrounding us were getting rain so we were nervous we would have to cancel.  It turned out to be one of the most beautiful days of the summer.

Staff and volunteers worked tirelessly to sort through school supplies and set up tables in preparation for the family’s arrivals.  With the event scheduled to begin at 10am, families began arriving well before.  Many members of the community came out to show their support and bring additional donations.

Children ran around playing football, basketball, hula hoops, and on the merry-go-round while parents enjoyed music and conversation with other families.  Saturday was an amazing day to be able to give back to so many little smiling faces.

We were able to provide stuffed backpacks for over 100 children and fed well over 200 people.  It was a joy to us all to be apart of such an amazing event.  We think the adults had way more fun than the children.  We are already looking forward to next year!! 

Free to Learn:  April Student Spotlight- Kellan King

Free to Learn: April Student Spotlight- Kellan King

Kellan King is an upcoming senior at Liberty University, located in Lynchburg VA, where she is pursuing a Bachelors degree in Psychology-Counseling.

During the course of her college years, Kellan has been placed on the Dean’s List and offered many opportunities to not only soar academically, but spiritually as well.

Kellan was recently presented with the opportunity to travel across the world to share her college experience and her faith with students in Honduras. Kellan was also a member of F.O.C.U.S. (Fellowship of Christians United in Service), a student ministry group where she was privileged to lead a devotional centered around sharing Christ through her personal testimony.

Although she attends college to become academically successful, Kellan is also well known for cherishing every opportunity she gets to share Christ with others!

Kellan’s desire is to be the hope in the lives of a hopeless generation.

College Kickoff

College Kickoff

College Kickoff!!

MoCo Life 910, Inc is proud to announce our 2017 Free to Learn: College Experience! We have lined up college tour dates to allow your high school students the opportunity to visit some of our local college campus.

Every month leading up to our tour dates we will have our Student Spotlight of the Month to highlight our youth who are doing great things in school and the community. Submissions for our Student Spotlight of the Month can be sent to MoCoLife910@gmail.com