MoCo Moguls Awards Brings Grammy-Style Event to Biscoe

MoCo Moguls Awards Brings Grammy-Style Event to Biscoe

MoCo Moguls Awards Brings Grammy-Style Event to Biscoe (original post Courier-Tribune Dec 16, 2017)

On Dec. 9, MoCo Life 910 hosted its first annual MoCo Moguls Awards.

The purpose of the event was to give those who attended and the honorees the special star-studded red carpet feeling of being at a Grammy-style awards show. Leaders of the community were honored for dedicating their time, energy and resources to building a healthy community environment for its children and families.

This event took place at East Montgomery High School, hosted by Jamal Moore. Live entertainment was provided by Von Della and her band out of Fayetteville, and photography by Trust and Believe Photography.

Those who attended the event helped to brighten the lives of children for the holidays by bringing toy donations to support children receiving services through Montgomery County Social Services.

Among those honored were Dr. Jack Cagle, Pearle Pratt, Harry Brower, Sherri Allgood, Russell Bogan and Mickey Cagle. It was a privilege to recognize such dedicated and humble individuals.

MoCo Life 910 takes pride in acknowledging the students of Montgomery County Schools and beyond for being outstanding scholars, athletes and leaders amongst their peers. Through MoCo Life 910’s Free to Learn program, each month a different student is spotlighted for achievements. The amazing and talented Student Spotlights of 2017 were also recognized during this event. These students are Jabria Ingram, Dewone Wright, Kellan King, Jakayla Christian, Jamie Christian II, Zakya Chambers and Araybian Lilly.

Special surprise award presentations were given to Jandavian Lilly, The MoCo Life 910 Volunteer of the Year, for going above and beyond the call of duty in supporting the MoCo Life 910 mission. MoCo Life 910 Founder Tremayne Ingram was presented with the G.O.O.N Award (Graciously Overcame Obstacles and Negativity). It is presented to an individual who, regardless of their circumstances, refused to let anyone’s perception of them become their reality. Ingram received this award for being a visionary and pioneer to create programs that support the community.

This event was sponsored by Montgomery County Schools, The Bobby Martin Foundation, Cakes By Jess and a host of others who provided food and desserts for the reception.

The mission of MoCo Life 910 is to provide the empowerment and motivation individuals need to create their own opportunities and positive life outcomes. The success of the MoCo Mogul Awards helped to fulfill the most important part of the mission, “empowerment.”

For more information about MoCo Life 910 programs and upcoming events“Like” MoCo Life 910 on Facebook and follow us on Instagram, MoCo Life 910, Inc.

Free to Learn:  November Student Spotlight – Araybian Tynia Lilly

Free to Learn: November Student Spotlight – Araybian Tynia Lilly

Free to Learn:  November Student Spotlight – Araybian Tynia Lilly

Miss Araybian Tynia Lilly is no stranger to being in the spotlight.  She is a senior at West Montgomery High School with a 3.33 GPA.  However, Miss Araybian is not just a star student, she is also a superstar on the track; being awarded the Triple Sprint Crown and State MVP.  She is also a 100 Meter, 200 Meter, and 400 Meter Champion.  Araybian is also the 500 Meter champion of indoor track and is the State 1a Record Holder.

Other than running, Araybian likes to read and ride ATVs.  She plans to attend Western Carolina University and major in Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine.

Congratulations to Miss Araybian Tynia Lilly for being an overall standout student-athlete.  We are proud of her accomplishments and wish her the best in her future endeavors.


Free to Learn:  October Student Spotlight- Zakya Chambers

Free to Learn: October Student Spotlight- Zakya Chambers

Zakya, a Junior at East Montgomery High School, is not only a standout defensive lineman for the Eagles, but more importantly an outstanding student.

Zakya is an A/B honor roll student, and a part of numerous clubs and organizations.  He is highly esteemed by his peers and teachers and has been described as a “Gentle Giant” because he is always willing to jump in and help in anyway.

Zakya is not only a leader in among his peers, he is also a leader in the community.  Once graduating from East he plans to attend a college or university.  Even though he is young, he understands the importance of trusting God in every situation and as his guide for making wise decisions.

We are extremely proud of this young man for his hard work and success, and most importantly, his outstanding character.

Free to Learn: September Student Spotlight- Jakayla & Jamie Christian III

Free to Learn: September Student Spotlight- Jakayla & Jamie Christian III

Our September Students of the month are a dynamic force to be reckoned with. This brother, sister duo excel in both sports and the classroom and they are one another’s number one fan.  It’s always great to see siblings support and encourage one another the way these two do.

Jamie Christian II is a senior at East Montgomery High School, where he maintains being on the B Honor Roll. Jamie enjoys helping others and made the decision to be apart of a tutoring program volunteering time weekly at Candor Elementary. In sports, Jamie is on the Varsity football team, playing the position of quarterback. Jamie enjoys spending time with his family and friends. Jamie’s plan is to attend a University and major in Business Management/Entrepreneurship.

Jakayla Christian, also a Senior at East Montgomery High is a very respectful and responsible young lady. Jakayla is on the A-B Honor Roll and is a member of the East Montgomery High School National Honor Society.  As one of the captains of the Varsity Cheerleading team, Jakayla is able to cheer on brother on from the sidelines.  Jakayla, like her brother, enjoys spending time with family and friends, and reading.  Jakayla’s plans are to attend a University and major in Consumer, Apparel, and retail studies.

We are super proud of these two and wish these two much success in the future!

Let’s Team up to Cleanup

Let’s Team up to Cleanup

On Saturday, September 30, 2017, MoCo Life 910 will be participating in the NC Department of Transportation’s Fall LITTER SWEEP.  MoCo Life 910’s stretch of highway is Sedberry Rd. in Biscoe, NC beginning at the Auto Zone.

The Adopt-A-Highway Program (AAH) was established in 1988 by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) in response to growing public concern regarding litter along the state’s highways. The AAH Program is administered by the NCDOT Office of Beautification, and is a joint effort between community volunteers and the NCDOT.  Its purpose is to decrease the amount of litter on North Carolina’s roadsides and improve the beauty and quality of the environment.

MoCo Life 910 made a commitment to become active participants in the Adopt-A-Highway program because, as a part of our mission to empower the community, we feel that we have to “take care of home”.  As an Adopt-A-Highway participant, it is our duty to keep our neighborhoods and communities clean, and we need everyone to get involved.  Take the next step in joining us to make sure we are indeed taking care of home.

Not only will we play our part in cleaning and empowering the community, we will also get a great workout in as well (kill two birds with one stone).  Those who choose to join us for this event will receive certificates of participation from the Department of Transportation for their role in this important activity!  Join Us!  The community needs you!

MoCo Life 910 Launches a New Fitness Campaign

MoCo Life 910 Launches a New Fitness Campaign

MoCo Life 910 Launches a New Fitness Campaign

In keeping up with our mission to empower the community by preparing individuals to live healthy and productive lives; mentally, physically, and emotionally; we have officially launched our health and wellness campaign, MoCo Life 910 Fitness.  Montgomery County currently has higher rates than the state averages for diabetes prevalence, hypertension, diseases of the lung, and obesity; we’re here to change that.  In order to have a productive community, the community must be healthy.

The purpose of #MoCoLife910Fitness is to offer support for healthy lifestyle changes and fitness goals.  We are here to encourage and support one another on our journeys to health and wellness.  We are using this as a platform to show the importance and benefits of living healthy, active lifestyles.  Members of the group are invited to share their weight loss goals and stories, share tips, and workout routines.  Members also share photos of themselves pre/during/post workout.  This group is an exciting way to get supportive tips from those dealing with similar struggles as you when you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your fitness goals.  There will be some exciting, innovative ideas and activities coming from this campaign to help jump start fitness journeys, change bad habits, or add some spark to your current routine.

The response has already been amazing and we don’t want anyone to be left out!

Join us on our journey.

MoCoLife910 Fitness Facebook Page