“Pressure is a privilege.”  It just so happens to be the title of the book by tennis legend Billy Jean King.  I haven’t read the book, but my mind started to wonder.  Each of us has to deal with different  types of pressure on a daily basis.  We often look at the pressure under which we must perform as being a burden, something from which we would like to be freed.  Pressure isn’t exactly something we all want more of in our lives.  Pressure is a privilege because it means there is something expected of you.  If you are experiencing some sort of pressure, from clients, suppliers, employees, your employer, family, friends, your spouse, children, neighbors, teachers, mentors, coaches, etc. could it be because there is an expectation of you to perform to take some kind of action producing a great outcome?  Pressure is the privilege of being responsible, of carrying responsibility, or proving to others that we have what it takes to come through for them.  Sometimes pressure is what we need to achieve our greatest results!  Pressure is a reminder that we have others depending on us to be the best we can be.  Speaking for myself, I’ve came a mighty long way and I’m constantly reminded that I NEVER cracked under pressure from my previous lifestyle, so I’m going to embrace the pressures of today and let it enable me to be the best I can be and also motivate others
….. Tremayne Ingram