These days Unity isn’t a very strong word.  Somehow we’ve forgotten what it even means.  With all of the violence against one another and our friends and family losing their lives from senseless acts of violence, unity is the farthest thought from our minds.  We are beginning to harbor negativity towards those who are meant to protect and serve or trying to find a suitable place to point the blame for all of the darkness.

At MoCo Life 910, we feel that it is important for us to create unity in our communities and not division so we decided to put our words into action.  We have officially planned our first annual Unity March on August 13, 2016.

The Unity March is geared towards creating solidarity between our community members and county/city/town officials.  Upon completion of the March, we wanted to continue the vision of unity by bringing the community together at the park where our volunteers will work to provide free food, water, and school supplies for the Montgomery County Residents in attendance.

The success of this event will be credited largely to our sponsors and volunteers who lend their names, financial support, and time to this event. The money we raise will help fund the materials and resources needed to make this event a success.   For more information about how you can support this event, we can be contacted by email at